micro investing app

What’s common between setting up the Deciml app and a plate of fries?

Both take only 2 minutes to finish!

As an investment app that is making investing simpler and more accessible for young Indians – we, at Deciml app in India, have ensured that the road to the start of your smart small investments is quick, easy and not intimidating. 

And to make it even easier, we’ve explained the exact how and why of the Deciml app set-up process here. 


There are 2 steps in the set-up process for the Deciml investment app:


    1. Instant KYC 

You’ll need your PAN to complete this step.


    1. AutoPay 

You’ll need to know your UPI ID to complete this step.


What’s instant KYC, why do you need it in order to start investing and how to complete it?


KYC or Know Your Customer is a simple identity verification process to help secure your money and savings, and to ensure that all your small investments remain yours.

It is mandated by the RBI (The Reserve Bank Of India) and every Indian who wants to start investing in India is required to complete it, no matter which investment app or investment platform one uses. 


At Deciml app in India, we have shortened and quickened this process and therefore we call it instant KYC. 


All you need to do is;

    1. Sign in with your Google account
    2. Verify your details (title, name and DOB)
    3. Enter your phone number and verify via OTP 
    4. Enter and verify your PAN
    5. And that’s it!


*PAN stands for Permanent Account Number and is issued by the Income Tax Department of India in the form of PAN card. You cannot start investing in India without PAN.


What’s AutoPay, why do you need it in order to start investing with Deciml app and how to complete it?


AutoPay is that magic that will ensure that all small investments of yours (or large!) happen automatically and instantly. 

Imagine if every time you did an online transaction, we asked you to punch in an OTP and confirm the round-up amount and its subsequent investing. Quite the opposite of an effortless investment app, right?


That’s why, AutoPay! 


AutoPay ensures that every time a round-up investment amount is calculated, there’s an automatic request for a debit of that exact amount which then gets immediately invested on your behalf – without you having to be disturbed at any point in this process.

Needless to say, the Deciml app keeps you updated on when the money gets successfully debited and subsequently invested. 


And don’t worry, step 2 is just as easy and quick as step 1.
All you need to do is:


    1. Enter a valid UPI ID on the Deciml app AutoPay set-up screen and verify it 
    2. Then open the relevant UPI app, and accept the AutoPay request generated there 
    3. And that’s it!


You can always reopen the Deciml investment app to see the successful completion of this step, which will also be confirmed by an investment of ₹1 on your behalf that you can view within your investment portfolio on Deciml. 


It is also important to note that there will be a line saying ‘upto ₹5000’ on the AutoPay request received on your UPI app. The number does not indicate a debit, charge or fee of any kind. It is simply a round-up limit set for the benefit of your security. 


Besides these 2 steps, users are also required to share transactional SMS viewing permission.
Deciml automatically rounds up and calculates the spare change investment amount by picking up the transaction amounts as affirmed via SMS by users’ banks. 

The Deciml app only views transactional SMS received from banks and absolutely nothing else. Any data that is collected is protected with 256-bit bank grade encryption – the highest level of security.


There you have it – an easy-to-understand 101 of how to start investing with the Deciml app in India!