Deciml App


We, at Deciml App in India, are on a mission to make investing simpler and more accessible for young Indians.

The story of investment in India

Investment in India has seen a growing awareness in the past few years, and yet the number of people investing in India, remains as low as 3%.

There’s still a great deal of hesitation and uncertainty surrounding investing in India – specifically amongst youngsters.

This uncertainty stems from multiple reasons, one of which is the lack of conversation about savings, investing & money management in average Indian homes.

That, coupled with the current narrative of investment in India requiring a large amount of money is enough to hold back most youngsters from starting their journey of investing in India.

Additionally, because investing in India has always been associated with larger life goals, young Indians tend to assume that the need for investing will arise when the need for these life goals will – which is much later. 

However this leads to them losing out on the most valuable asset there is in investing – time!

We, at Deciml app in India, are trying to effectively tackle these misconceptions surrounding investing in India by building an investing app that makes it easier for young Indians to get started on their investment journeys. 

Our mission

At Deciml app, we have a simple agenda – to make investing in India truly effortless, for young Indians.

This is a demographic that is not lacking in intent or intrigue. Young Indians are already aware that savings are important, that investing is essential for better financial security and that good money management can take one a long way. 

However traditional ways of banking and/or investing can feel inaccessible, confusing and oftentimes, intimidating to the younger generation and keep them at bay from actively taking interest in their finances.

Fintech, neobanks and investing apps in India are changing this and making it easier to approach money, and Deciml app is one of them.

At Deciml app in India, we’re taking a step towards making investing in India simpler, accessible and more importantly – more exciting for young Indians by integrating investing with their lifestyles rather than demanding a change in behaviour from them. 

How does the Deciml app work?

The Deciml investment app enables users to make an investment of as little as ₹1, every time they spend by automatically rounding up online transactions and instantly investing the digital spare change.

Say you took a cab to your friend’s and paid ₹299 for it via UPI. The Deciml app immediately rounds up this amount to the next 10 (or a multiple of 10, whichever you choose) which in this case is ₹300 and instantly makes an investment of ₹1 in your name.

Imagine all of your expenses – small and big, basic and luxurious – from coffees to cabs and more, getting rounded up and the spare change instantly getting invested. These day-to-day small investments with the Deciml investment app can end up forming a large enough corpus of money. 

The Deciml app also offers Deciml Daily Deposits to enable users to continue investing as little as ₹10 or as large an amount as they like even on the days that they do not spend.

Thus, the Deciml investment app enables young Indians to start investing with as little as ₹1 and inch closer to a better financial future without compromising on their lifestyle in any way.

This way, app users can invest consistently and comfortably.