invest with deciml app

Starting out

1. Complete instant KYC
(Enter your name, number & PAN to verify your identity & secure your money)

2. Automate your small investments
(Enter your UPI ID to make the daily smart investment of your spare change, automatic)

And that’s it, there’s no step 3!
You can start your smart investment journey with the Deciml app in only 2 simple steps!

KYC (Know Your Customer) is a simple identity verification process to help secure your money and savings, and to ensure that all your small investments remain yours.

It is mandated by the RBI and every Indian investor is required to complete it, no matter which investment app or investment platform one uses. 

You’ll need your PAN to complete KYC and start investing.

AutoPay is what makes sure that all small investments of yours (or large!) are instant and automatic. 

Imagine if every time you paid for something, we asked you to punch in an OTP and confirm the rounding up and the subsequent investing. Quite the opposite of an effortless investment app , right? 

Set up AutoPay in under 1 minute by entering your UPI ID and approving the AutoPay request from your UPI app, to start your automatic and smart investment journey.

The ₹5000 does not indicate a debit, or a charge of any kind.
It is the maximum limit for how much money you can be round-up investing at a time, and is set for the benefit of your security.

Yes, we round-up invest from all your bank accounts.

  1. Cancel your AutoPay request from the UPI app that you have currently set it from.

  2. Open your Deciml app and set up AutoPay again with the UPI ID that you wish to use.
invest with deciml

Discover Deciml

Deciml is an investment app that automatically rounds up your online transactions by picking up on spends via SMS and instantly invests the spare change.

You can choose to round up to the nearest 10 or multiple of 10

With Deciml Daily Deposits, you can start investing a small (or large) amount of your choice – daily and automatically!

You can start Daily Deposits on your Deciml app with as little as ₹10 per day.

Absolutely – anytime you want!

Deciml is an investment app, and not a payment gateway. 

You can continue using your preferred payment apps and gateways, and the Deciml app will automatically round-up and invest your digital spare change

deciml app investing

About Your Investments

All online transactions get round-up invested with the Deciml app. This includes expenses made via:

  • Debit Cards
  • Credit Cards
  • UPI Apps 
  • Digital Wallets
  • Netbanking transactions 
  • And also, ATM withdrawals 

You can choose from the following to start investing and growing your money in:

  1. Lendbox

    Lendbox is a secure platform where your invested money is diversified across verified creditworthy borrowers. 

    Investing in Lendbox earns you 10% guaranteed returns, which means 3 times better returns than parking your money in your savings account and 2 times better than investing in a Fixed Deposit.

  2. Mutual Funds (Launching soon!)

There is no lock-in period for your investments on the Deciml app.

You can withdraw your money without charge any time you want. 

The Deciml app is completely free for the user. 

Absolutely. You can pause the investing of your round-ups and daily deposits, any time you want. 

Yep, only ₹1 🙂

*Minimum amount for investing lump-sum is ₹100.


Privacy and Security

Absolutely nothing!

Your data is collected for SEBI and RBI for security purposes only, and not shared anywhere else.

Your money and information are protected with 256-bit bank-grade encryption. 

So in simpler terms – we’re an investment app that doesn’t joke around when it comes to your privacy and the security of your money, savings and investments. You can bank on that.