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The How & Why Of Deciml Daily Deposits

Whether you are a seasoned worker or a young professional, the feeling you felt when your account was credited with that first salary –is a moment you carry with you.

Erm… For a few months.

Then the bills start piling in, and you find yourself in a position to make financial decisions that can have a lasting impact on your life. Now that you have gone over the (much deserved!) fun period of earning through hard work, and spending as you please – it is in fact time to start thinking about saving (the superhero) and investing (the trusty sidekick).

How does a new professional start making investments that are affordable yet valuable?

The first answer that comes to mind is the SIP, i.e., Systematic Investment Plan – which allows you to make lump sum investments of as little as ₹500 per month. But we know what you feel and think in these cases – that one minute you have that hefty ₹30,000 sitting and looking good in your bank account and the very next minute it’s already at ₹27,000 because of your 3K SIP. It pinches, we understand. 

 If only there was a way to soften the pain of making one huge investment deposit. How about every day, small deposits that get auto-debited from your bank account? We’ve got your attention now, haven’t we? Instead of investing a lump sum of ₹3,000, why not invest ₹100 daily? – an amount you are likely to spend on any given day anyway – and that enables you to still end up investing the same amount but it pinches much less (sometimes, not at all!).

This is exactly what the Daily Deposit feature of Deciml enables.

But why exactly is the Daily Deposit feature helpful?

  1. No Pressure – There is no looming pressure on you to maintain a particularly huge balance in your bank account. You don’t need to plan your next spending spree around when this lump sum amount will be deducted from your balance! Instead, freely spend and at the same time rest assured that you are in fact investing on a daily basis.

  2. Flexibility – You can Pause and Resume the use of Daily Deposits as you please. There is no hard and fast rule that stops you from being as flexible with your everyday investing as you need to be (though we recommend sticking to it with regularity!). If you feel like you are nearing the end of your monthly spending budget and need to halt investments for a week – you can go ahead and easily do just that!

  3. The Aforementioned ‘Pinch’ – With Daily Deposits, you will never suddenly find yourself short of a decent chunk of money. Be regular, and your money will simply work for you! Your Daily Deposit limit can be set to as low as ₹10 and can go up to any amount you like. How useful is that?

We can keep singing praises for Daily Deposits with the Deciml App, or we can show you how to use this feature and experience its benefits for yourself.

So – how can you enable Daily Deposits?

Step 1: Set up Auto-pay with Deciml.

Step 2: Decide and select a Daily Deposit Limit (₹10 and up!).

Step 3: Do nothing else!

Yes. It really is that simple. In three simple steps (erm – really it’s two steps!), you can sit back and let your Daily Deposits do the rest.

Look, your overall investment plan needs to be diverse and will need you to eventually make bigger investments to reap bigger returns. But in the meantime, why not start investing smaller sums regularly while you figure out the rest?

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