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When F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Meets Finsights

While this favourite 90s sitcom has taught us all a lot about friendship, love, and laughter – we wondered if perhaps there was something else in there too.

We gathered up our favourite scenes from the show to add a bit of financial insight to them and circulated them around the office to see what one-liners-that-pack-insight our team could come up with. Here are the hilarious results – 

  1. Never say, “I don’t need money!”

  1. What I need for my investment decisions.

  1. At least my investments are automated.

  1. What I want to say to anyone who’s currently vacationing around the globe!

  1. When you need financial help – ask for it. And be goal-oriented. That’s how Phoebe Buffay got a computer. We think.

  1. What I think about unsolicited investment advice.

  1. How I feel about filing ITR. Because it means I’m earning. But, paperwork.

  1. Insert income tax joke here.

  1. My inner voice after I bought my 5th pair of shoes this month.

  1. Me, giving myself a pep talk about asking investment questions.

And that’s our top 10! 


Anytime you want a laugh with a financial twist, or a finance lesson with a pinch punch of hilarity – we’ll be there for you! 

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