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Wishing You An UnSafe Diwali This Year!

We’re wishing you an unsafe Diwali this year. 

We don’t mean ‘unsafe’. We mean ‘un’safe.


The kind where you finally pull your money out of the metaphorical safe – your savings account – and put it to better use such as making more money for you. 

So as in .. UN-safe it. 


(Quick P.S.: if you have your money sitting in an actual safe, you definitely need to un-safe it)


Anyway look – we’ll be honest. This is not another attempt at convincing you of the many benefits of investing. We’ve done that before, and honestly we think that .. you’re convinced.
(It’s not like investing is a good-to-have any more anyway, is it? It’s kind of a need-to-have!)


So the question stands, what’s stopping you from un-safing your money now? 

Maybe it’s the uncertainty of the how. Maybe it’s the having-to-commit-that-amount that’s eating at you. Maybe it’s .. we don’t know.


What we do know is that it’s Diwali. And Diwali is about wealth, prosperity and new beginnings. And we know that that premise is perfect for someone who just wants to invest but always found something holding themselves back.


So we hope that this serves as a reminder, or a little bit of courage, or a little bit of honest insight or just that final push (whichever you need it to be) to make Diwali the special occasion when you finally unsafe your money, unshackle yourself from any inhibitions and allow both to breathe and grow 🙂 


P.S. we fully understand that money, finance and investing can in fact be intimidating so we’ve resolved some top fears that we got from our users here if you’d like to read up on them any time:


P.S. 2: A peek into the future: How bright can your next Diwali be?


Let’s say that this Diwali, you receive ₹5,000 from your parents. You could opt to save it, and next year your ₹5,000 will still be there. 

But, if you un-safe(😉) this ₹5,000 at even a 10% interest, then at the end of one year your money will have made ₹500 extra for you! The longer you stay invested for, the more exciting the rewards will be! Just to give you a clear idea about how time can influence your investment – the same ₹5,000, over a 30 year period, will amount to over ₹87,000! Fireworks, right?

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