Deciml App


Deciml App is an investment app in India that makes it easier for young Indians to start their investing journeys by enabling them to make small investments with every spend. 


Investing in India has almost always been associated with larger life goals such as buying a house, retirement, etc. This, coupled with the misconception that investing in India requires a large amount of money and effort is enough for young Indians in their early 20s to push investing for later in life. 


However, by then, it’s already too late! 

Because that’s the thing about investing – time is a crucial aspect of it. The longer one stays invested – no matter if they are small investments (as long as they are consistent) – the better. 


The truth about investing is that there is no better time to start, than now. The earlier one starts investing, the more time their money has to compound, grow and make more money. Moreover, it also gives you as a young person with relatively lesser responsibilities a chance to explore ways to grow your money, make mistakes, learn from them and grow some more! 

At Deciml app in India, we are trying to make it simpler, quicker and more exciting for young Indians to start their journey of investing in India sooner by integrating the investing habit with their lifestyle rather than demanding a change in behaviour from them. 


The Deciml app is an investment app that works on the basis of round-up investing. This means that every time a user does an online transaction, the Deciml app picks up this amount, automatically rounds it up to the next 10 (or multiple of 10) and instantly invests the digital spare change. 

Say, for example, you took a cab to your friend’s for ₹295 and paid for it online via UPI. The Deciml app will pick up this number from the transaction SMS you receive from your bank, automatically round it up to the next 10 (which in this case is ₹500) and instantly invest the spare change of ₹5 on your behalf.


Imagine several of such small daily transactions getting round-up invested automatically and the subsequent small investments growing and making you more money – without you even trying! 

By making investing as easy as spending and automating the whole process – we, at Deciml app in India, are making the investment habit more approachable and exciting for the youngsters of India. 


Start your journey of investment in India with as little as ₹1 with the Deciml app!