Deciml App


Time, money and effort – most young Indians refrain from starting their journeys of investing in India because there exists a misconception that a huge amount of each of these is required in order to get started with investing in India. 


However, none of these hold true any more. 

Investing in India has never been easier than now, with there being more than one investment app and several investment platforms that are making investing quicker and less expensive. 


At Deciml app in India, we are trying to make investing simple, accessible and less intimidating specifically for the younger generation. 

We are doing this by building an investment app that integrates the investment habit with young Indians’ lifestyle, rather than demanding a change in behaviour from them.


It takes less than a few minutes for users to set up the Deciml app, after which they can start investing as little as ₹1 – automatically! 

Thus, making it easier for users to start their investing journeys without having to worry about time, money or effort – the 3 main things holding most young Indians back.


There are 3 ways in which users can invest with the Deciml app in India:


  1. Round-ups

With round-ups, you can make a small investment every time you spend. 

Whenever you complete an online transaction, the Deciml app automatically rounds up this spent amount to the next 10 (or multiple of 10 – your choice) and instantly invests this spare change amount on your behalf. 


For example, say you just renewed your Netflix subscription of ₹199. Once you complete this transaction, Deciml will pick up this amount from the transaction SMS, automatically round up this amount to the next 10 (which in this case is ₹200) and instantly invest the ₹1. 


This way you can make small investments at your comfort and convenience without even having to think about it. 


You can choose to round up your spends to 10 or a multiple of 10. 

  1. Daily Deposits

Deciml Daily Deposits enables users to make small investments regardless of whether or not they spend that day. 

At Deciml app in India, we want to make it convenient for young Indians to invest consistently. An SIP can still feel like a large commitment for a young professional who has just started working and earning. 

Deciml Daily Deposits allows users to invest as little as ₹10 – every single day, automatically. This helps users keep their investing streak going without feeling the pinch of a large commitment. 


Say you’re a young professional who just started earning ₹20,000 per month. You know how important it is to set aside some amount of savings as well as some amount of investment from this salary number. So you start an SIP. Imagine receiving your ₹20,000 on the 5th, and immediately seeing a debit of ₹3,000 on the 6th – it pinches! And that pinch often holds back youngsters from starting to invest early.
Instead if the narrative was tweaked just a little bit and you were to invest ₹100 per day (which gets spent without realising in a day, anyway) – you’d still end up investing the ₹3,000 in a month, but without feeling the pinch.


Deciml Daily Deposits has been introduced with an agenda to ensure that young Indians kick off their journeys of investing in India without having to feel that pinch. 


You can start Deciml Daily Deposits with as little as ₹10, and as large as ₹5000.

  1. Lump-sum

    Users have the liberty to make an investment of as little as ₹100 with the Deciml app – whenever they want to. Lump-sum investments are a way of reminding our young users that they can be investing any bonus amount they may have rather than leaving it as is in their savings account or thinking of ways to spend it.