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3 Excuses To Not Invest (And Why They Don’t Work)

Investing is .. complicated. 

Yes, we know. Us, an investing app saying that? 

But we’ve been in your shoes, and have felt the helplessness that you do right now and that happens to be the whole reason behind us building Deciml. 

And so, we’re addressing the three most common excuses that you’re probably using to not start investing already (and why those excuses no longer work!):


Excuse #1: I Don’t Have Enough Money

The most common reason why people don’t invest is because they don’t think that they have enough money to invest. They feel that they lack savings, or that there is no money in their budget to invest. Others assume that only the rich can invest but forget the fact that most people BECOME rich by investing. This belief that you need a large income or a large amount of money to start investing is only a misconception. 

Another reason why people tend to avoid investing is because they feel that they need to have sizeable savings first and then only invest. This can be hard to do, especially when you’re living pay check to pay check! And this alone can be discouraging for most people to even start the process of saving. We totally get it. But investing need not be that hard. 

So how do you address this and start investing today?

The Solution: By starting where you are! It is completely OK to start small and invest whatever you can – even as little as ₹1 counts. The goal of investing is to put money into something specific with the expectation that its value will grow over time, and give you the opportunity to create more wealth.

Deciml works on this exact idea – of investing whenever and however you can rather than wait around for the day you may be able to (by which time it’s already far too late!).

With Deciml you can automatically round up every small and big transaction of yours and invest the digital spare change in a fund of your choice.

Just imagine – every thing you spend on in a day, from your uber to your snack shopping, every spend getting rounded up and automatically invested. It doesn’t seem like a lot, but counts towards something big!

Because the secret to successful investing is that it’s not about how much you invest, but about how long you stay invested.

Excuse #2: I Don’t Know Enough

We live in a time and age where there has never been an easier access to information. From easy-to-read blogs (like this one) to countless videos and articles, a lack of knowledge is no longer a good reason to not invest. However, the issue might not be a lack of investing at all but rather a lack of confidence in your knowledge. 

The Solution: Why not make it easy on yourself with simplified learning through fun easy blogs that don’t use any complicated jargon (*cough* like this one *cough*) and an investing app that is easier to install and set up than it is to make Maggi (*cough* like Deciml *cough*).

All it takes for you to start round-up investing with Deciml is a super instant KYC, quick automation aand, that’s that!

Excuse #3: I Don’t Have the Time (Or the Energy)

Procrastinating much? Find yourself constantly saying that you’ll do it later? Don’t keep putting off investing simply because you’re too tired! Yes, work will be busy and there’ll always be that one friend wanting to catch up in the middle of that and life will keep on happening – but there’s a way for you to be investing all that while, without losing your mind. 

*Drumroll please*

The Solution: Automate, automate, automate!

Why spend precious time and energy on something that can easily be automated? 

On Deciml you can not only automate the rounding up and investing but also invest everyday by setting an automatic investment of as little as ₹10 per day!

Imagine setting an automatic daily investment of say ₹50 per day (come on, you spend at least 2x more on breakfast alone) – by the end of the month, you will still have invested ₹1,500! 

Which by itself, you’re bound to find a large commitment, but when done over the period of a month makes it easy and achievable. 

Not to mention, it all happened without you having to actually think about it!

So, we’ve addressed your 3 main excuses, and reached the end of this blog so there seems to be only one thing left to do:

Start investing with Deciml!

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