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3 Things You Could Do At 33 If You Started Investing Today Varad Kulkarni January 1, 2023

3 Things You Could Do At 33 If You Started Investing Today

3 Things You Could Do At 33 If You Started Investing Today

23 is a great age to be! You can safely identify as an adult without actually having the more real responsibilities in life (just wait till the big 3-0!). Right now, your main responsibility is YOU – figuring out your professional inclinations, cultivating your hobbies, and living life to the absolute fullest with the people you love.

Right now, is when you should be breaking out a brand-new map and charting out all the places you want to go (literally, and figuratively). It is also about taking stock of your future and preparing your bucket list for all the things you want to do at the end of this decade of your life.

By the time you’re 33, you might see yourself settled down, working at the job of your dreams, starting your own company, traveling the world – the options are limitless… If you prepare for those experiences now. And the easiest way to prepare for that? By building a solid financial portfolio for yourself, wherein your money is making you more money.

It might seem like an oversimplification (because of course there are other things you need to make your dreams a reality!), but the bottom line is that without being financially independent and secure, it will truly be difficult to indulge in spectacular life experiences. If you are investing now – you are investing in your future, so, here are 3 things you will surely be able to do at 33 if you start to save money and use your savings to begin your investing journey at 23 –

Watch the Northern Lights – Zoomers and young millennials, both, give a high priority to travel. In fact, 24% of Indian Zoomers have surveyed that they are saving so that they can travel (Indian Express)! In keeping with that spirit, the first thing you can put on your bucket list for 33, is visiting the Northern Lights (also known as Aurora) which are visible in Iceland, Sweden, Norway, Canada, Russia, Finland, Alaska, and Southern Alaska. This beautiful astronomical phenomenon is truly breathtaking curtains of light that are visible in the night sky during a specific time in the Winter seasons (from late September to Late March). Today, a trip to the Northern lights (erm… with twin-sharing accommodations) cost around ₹1.9 lakhs for 5-7 nights – it is safe to assume this amount will be significantly higher in another ten years. Saving now, and investing regularly will grant you a nice little nest egg to travel and see this beautiful sight and experience an unforgettable view in the sky!

Key expenses you need your investments to cover – Cost of travel and stay (during peak season!), unbudgeted expenses, food and drink, other sight-seeing in the area, and camps at the Northern Lights venues.

Cruise on the Mediterranean Coast – If you’re of the mindset that there’s nothing better than ‘the sun, the sand, the sea, and me!’ then a Mediterranean cruise has to be high up on your bucket list as a must-have life experience. Can’t you just picture it now? A lavish cruise ship with you and your friends having a gala time! Right now, when you are 23, a 7-night cruise like this would cost you over ₹1 lakh per person! Again, you can expect this value to increase in the next 10 years – so you’re going to need a bit more to take this cruise at 33. Right from seeing the ruins of old Rome and Mykonos, to visiting countries like Spain, Morocco, Greece, Turkey, and Italy (fine dining anyone?), a Mediterranean cruise is sure to be a luxurious vacation with family and friends. Investing now (and regularly) will allow you to earmark your 10-year earnings for a truly indulgent experience at 33.

Key expenses you need your investments to cover – Cost of travel and stay, souvenir shopping, food and drink, immersive experiences with locals.

Be at the Olympics 3032 in Brisbane – Huge cheering crowds, the air thrumming with the spirit of sportsmanship and camaraderie in the air, experiencing a global celebration; together these are the perfect ingredients for a truly remarkable experience. Today, to experience a seat in the audience at the Olympics one will have to shell out anywhere over ₹1.2 lakh, just for the ticket! In 10 years, with costs of travel and stay, you are looking at a significant sum of money. If your investment portfolio is robust and consistent, partaking in this mind-blowing worldwide event will be no big deal for you! At 23 you can already start to create your savings dedicated to this experience on your bucket list, and 10 years down the line, you will be witness to some of the most pivotal moments in sport.

Key expenses you need your investments to cover – Cost of travel and stay, tickets for each event, souvenirs and merchandise shopping, sight-seeing in Brisbane.

While it may go by in the blink of an eye, ten years is a long time for your investments to mature and offer you some substantial returns. So, investing is a necessary (if not completely unavoidable!) step you need to take for checking off all the items in your 10-year bucket list.

If you have been on your investment journey for a while (with or without the Deciml App) – remember, the key is investing regularly, even in small amounts, like with the Deciml App’s Round-Up feature. And if you have not yet started saving money and making smart investments – for you the key is investing now!

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