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3 Tips For Millennials to Spend Better

You’ve been trying to save some money from quite some time, but at the end of every month you find yourself feeling the same old déjà vu feeling of not having any money left. Not budgeting your money, having bad spending habits and not saving any money can leave you feeling extremely stressed.
Why not spend better and also grow your money at the same time? Yes – it’s totally, completely, absolutely possible!

All you need to do is build some better spending habits. This does not mean not spending at all, but rather spending better so that you get closer towards your financial goals.

With these 3 tips you can spend your money better and invest at the same time, so that your money is making money.

1. Maintain a record of all your expenses

Always find yourself wondering where all of your money went at the end of every month? There are so many tiny expenses that add up without us even realising it. This is why it is essential to track your spending. Create a simple budget sheet and put in all your spending at the end of every day. This will help you keep a track of where your money is going and any unnecessary spending that you can cut down on. If you love keeping a journal, you can get one of those cute planners that will motivate you to write down your expenses.

2. Pay all your bills within the first 10 days

Simplify your life a bit and ensure your bills are getting paid on time by automating your finances. You can set up automatic bill pay and even have money automatically transferred to your savings accounts. You still need to regularly review your finances, but this is a great way to take control of your money. This way you won’t wrack up any high interest fees on any pending bills.


It’s easy to slip up and pay bills late here and there, but late fees add up and are a waste of money. Do yourself a favour, and rather than paying your bills on the due date, pay them early. This will prevent you from forgetting and racking up late fees. Make it a goal to pay a bill as soon as you get it.

3. Start investing as early as possible

We cannot stress this one enough. The more time you give yourself to build your investments, the more solid returns you’ll start to see on your money. That’s thanks to compound earnings which means that your investment returns start earning their own return.

The stock market will see ups and downs of course, but investing young means you have decades to ride them out — and decades for your money to grow.

Start now (like right now) even if that means starting small.

You can even invest your spare change as when you spend with Deciml.

How does this work?

Say you went grocery shopping to make Thai curry for dinner and paid the ₹445 for it online.

Deciml will immediately round up this amount to the next 10 (or multiple of 10, whichever you choose) and automatically invest the digital spare change of ₹5 in this case in a Mutual Fund on your behalf.

You spend, Deciml invests. It’s really that simple!

Rounding it up

We know that being in your 20s is not all fun and games – your boss doesn’t seem to get you, Gen Z lingo makes no sense and why is everyone always dancing on Instagram?!

But now spending and financial planning doesn’t have to be one more thing that you need to stress about. Just implement these easy-to-follow tips and see what a big difference it makes every month. You can now finally start to save money for the important things that really matter.

Building a better habit can be super tough. However, if you make something fun, it can help take the pressure off and help you stick to it.

And for decoding those boring, tough-to-understand topics about money, you can always read our blogs! 

All set to kick off a good money habit? Let’s go!

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