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How to Invest Without Money

Did a double take there, didn’t you? But you read it right! 

We’re going to give you an exclusive scoop on how you can begin your investing journey right now, right away — even while you’re still in college and are perpetually identifying as ‘broke’.

Because not enough money is no longer a reason to not invest.
(And if you do believe it is, here’s a quick debunking of that and more!)

Investment for beginners has never been easier and more inexpensive as it is now. With multiple investment avenues, and multiple ways to tap into them — early investment is not only completely possible, but also genuinely advisable.

Starting early, as early as when you’re in college gives your money more time to compound, grow, ride out market fluctuations and then compound and grow some more; while you get more time to explore investment options, learn and optimize so that eventually — you’re able to build a pretty substantial fund of money for yourself, and a sense of financial freedom unlike any other!

Before we get to it, here are some quick questions to ask yourself and figure out answers to, in order to start investing on a more informed note:

  1. Why are you investing?

Figuring out your reason to invest is a good place to start your investing journey – whether that reason is early retirement or travel adventures. Having a bigger picture in mind always helps!

2. What are your goals and how can investing help you get there?

Once you’ve got your reasons figured out, it’s time to set more specific goals. And these can include all the things you hope to do, hope to get or hope to be – whether short-term or long-term.

Your investment choices will (and should, ideally) change based on your goals.

3. How much can you invest without skipping out on essential expenses?

We know that budgets are tight when in college, so feel free to decide a to-be-invested amount that works for you – based on your priorities and lifestyle. And then stick to it. 

And if this sounds like too much of an effort (not going to lie, it is), you can always automate the whole ordeal with Deciml’s Daily Deposits.

Which also brings us to the question of the hour: how can Deciml help you invest with very, very little money? 


(drumroll please!)

By round-up investing!

If you’re almost always broke but get enough pocket money to afford that daily cutting chai or the weekly petrol refuels, you most definitely can afford to invest!

Round up investment is a way to invest your chillar. Yep, a way to invest your spare change!

Every time you make an online transaction — whether that is to clear the chai-wala’s monthly bill, or to renew your OTT subscription, or simply your weekly petrol refuels — Deciml will automatically round up this transaction and instantly invest your digital spare change.

So, say you’ve gone for your weekly petrol refuel, asked for a tanki-full and swiped your card for the final amount of ₹375 — well, Deciml will quickly and automatically round up this amount to the next 10, which is 400 in this case and instantly invest the spare change of ₹5 (yep, that small an amount) on your behalf.

So basically, with round up investment you can ensure that you’re not spending on any of these regular big and small expenses guiltily, because you’re always investing on the side!

Rounding it up

‘Not enough money to invest’ no longer has to be the reason for delaying the start of your investment journey. There are multiple ways to invest, multiple investment avenues and multiple investment options that allow your investments to soar no matter the amount you pitch — as long as you are consistent!

Start investing your spare change with
Deciml and earn 10% returns now!

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