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Investing in your 20s: For the good, the bad and the worthy

Getting out of your teens, getting out of college life and into real life, starting a first job – all are important milestones in the lives of young millennials and zoomers. You’re staring down the barrel of the gun called your 20s, and you might be starting to get serious about your finances and taking stock (pun not intended!) of your financial situation. First of all – good for you! If you think now is the time for you to start investing, you are absolutely right.

But it just so happens that this time in life comes with a lot more questions than answers… Unless you’re looking for help in the right places. Enter – Deciml App! We’re here to help you invest and save money so that the lack of financial planning insights doesn’t become a reason for you to not do everything you want to do later on in your life.

There are definitely several promising statistics about how money-conscious young millennials and zoomers are. In fact, “the generation born from 1997 to 2012 is inclined to rather save than spend, with about 32% of them surveyed choosing savings, according to the study by Viral Fission, a youth community platform” (The Indian Express). The second priority on their list was travel, and less than 13% chose shopping as a priority in their spending patterns.

So it’s clear that the saving, spending and investing habits of millennials and zoomers are on the right track, but we want to really drive the point home by sharing the good, the bad and the worthy aspects of the next decade that your smart investments will help with: 

1. The Good – Investing now will allow you to achieve the important milestones of life; the markers that indicate growth. Buying a house or car, deciding to spend some time studying again, or even investing back in your financial portfolio – all require systematic and regular investing practices from the get-go. The Good also includes having a nest egg for major life events like weddings and starting a family and being able to do so while being financially stable. Small investments, smart investments; investments in any way, shape, or form, will allow you to continue doing the good things in life in your 30s. ‘The Good’ things are those which clearly demarcate points of growth (financial and personal) in your lives. Investing now is a good way to fund all those exciting goals you’ve got in mind now; both, short-term and long-term.

2. The Bad – We don’t want to scare you, but sometimes things get tough! Life is unpredictable and expenses pop up (sometimes really large, unprecedented ones!). Investing now, in your 20s, and practicing financial prudence offers some sense of financial security if you need it sometime down the line. Accidents, health issues, being between jobs, pandemics – these are all occurrences that require a financial safety net, and investing in your 20s will ensure that in another 10 years, you will be more than capable of landing on your feet, should life knock you down! Investing now will allow you to survive the bad things when the going gets tough. ‘The Bad’ things can be taxing, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be faced head-on! Having some sense of financial security in your 30s can help you navigate the more tedious moments in life – so start preparing for that security now itself.

3. The Worthy – By the time you are in your 30s, you will realize that some things in life are just worth having – experiences. Seeing the world, saving up to finally see the football World Cup live, planning your bestie’s destination wedding, throwing a memorable anniversary bash for your parents’ 35th wedding anniversary – all these experiences will stay with you for life, and so, they are worthy of your investments. Investing now, when you can still hustle and rough it out, will pay off when you are ready to indulge in the truly worthy experiences of life. ‘The Worthy’ things in life often get overlooked – but it is important to create experiences and memories in your life. That’s what having a solid investment plan now will bring you in the future.

It is important to remember that if you think the 20s are an active and happening time in life, you haven’t seen anything yet! If you plan it right and start investing your money now, your 30s will automatically be a secure, stable, and independent decade of your life.
With a little help from the Deciml App, your journey to a thriving 30s can start now! If you continue to save money (small or big amounts – starting now is what matters) and make smart investments through your 20s, you’ll find yourself thriving in your 30s.

Don’t forget – if you are investing smartly right now, you’ll undoubtedly be in a position to do The Good, survive The Bad, and indulge in The Worthy a few years down the line!

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