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Lessons in Investing Ft. The OG Avengers

Lessons in Investing Ft. The OG Avengers

*Cue Avengers Background Score*

It sets the tone for what we want to achieve with this blog – an army of investors to battle whatever represents Thanos in their financial journeys.

So, we’ve rounded up the best financial advice we could find from the OG Avengers in the MCU. These guys are all superheroes… So, it goes without saying there are no ‘don’ts’ on this list – only do’s –

1. Captain America

Freedom to us means financial freedom – and the price for it need not necessarily be high – but the diligence, consistency, and wits needed to build your financial freedom can seem tedious. Might we suggest looking to start with small and simple steps – like micro-investing your spare change, for instance?

2. Black Widow

Clean that red… Um… We mean debt. Your ledger should always be in your favour, folks! If you’ve got debt, then you need to harness Natasha Romanoff’s laser focus, and work to clear it as a priority. 

3. Thor

We would too if we were Gods of Thunder. But we’re all capable of being thunderous in our approach to investing. Look, you’re bound to hit obstacles – but running away is just not an option. Equip yourself with the hammer of knowledge and you’ll see that no obstacle in financial management is tough enough to warrant a wimp out!

4. Hulk

What makes Hulk so Hulk-y? The constant anger, if Bruce is to be believed. While we (obviously) don’t condone turning into the Hulk, Banner’s words bring focus to the mindset – which is as important for investing, as it is for turning into a huge rage monster. Make sure investing is something you’re actively pursuing – don’t get lazy about it, and don’t suppress your need to know more, learn more, and invest more!

5. Hawkeye

Thanks for this one, Clint! Forget your life before investing. You are an investor now, act like it. Make sure that all the steps you take are directed toward your financial and personal goals. A little skill development and hard work will get you to your target!

6. Iron Man

You might be thinking we saved the best for last. We did. But we also saved the most relevant words of wisdom for last. We’d all trust Tony Stark with our lives! So, trust him when he says – don’t mess with time… Or when we say… Don’t mess with how much time you’re staying invested for. Thanks, Tony – you really helped us out with this one!

Nothing left to say now – other than – Investors. Assemble.

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