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The Best Investment Apps in India for Young Investors: A Comprehensive Guide

The world of fintech is a modern-day Old Macdonald’s Farm – ‘with an app app here, and an app app there!’

But when there are so many options for investment apps that they’re rolling out in herds (see what we did there?), it can naturally be difficult to know which one might be the best investment app in India for you!

Before we dive into it, young investors need to remember that investing comes in many ways, shapes, and forms. Right from mutual funds and micro investing to stock trade and fixed deposits – the spectrum of investment options is wide!

Keep in mind that while we are trying to shed some light on the best app for investment in india, you should also keep a steady focus on finding the investing app that is right for you!

In light of that gentle disclaimer, let’s move on and dive right into this.

Here are some apps that are sure to make an appearance in the search for the online investment app –

Groww – Groww is one of the most popular investing apps in India, and it has become a favorite among young investors. Its user-friendly interface, easy-to-use features, and a wide variety of investment options, including mutual funds, stocks, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs), allow investors to diversify their portfolios easily.

Groww also offers a range of educational resources to help beginners understand the basics of investing – and we cannot stress how important it is to have access to credible sources for investing information.

Why it pops up in the best investment apps for beginners search – Well, one of the best features of Groww is that it doesn’t charge any commission or brokerage fees for investing in mutual funds, making it an affordable option for youngsters who are just starting out.

You can keep investing with small amounts and slowly build your investment portfolio with consistency and discipline. Users of Groww can invest as little as ₹100 – so you really have no excuse to not be investing already!

Zerodha – Zerodha is another popular investing app in India that has gained a lot of popularity among Gen Z investors as it is affordable and offers advanced trading features. The app allows users to invest in stocks, futures, and options, and it also offers informational resources for users (have we mentioned that’s kind of important?)

Why it pops up in the best app to invest money search – Because it offers a good deal! One of the best things about Zerodha is that it offers a flat fee of ₹20 per trade, regardless of the size of the trade.

This makes it an extremely wallet-friendly option for newbie investors who want to diversify from the get-go, albeit, in small amounts. The app also offers a range of advanced trading features, such as margin trading and bracket orders, which can be useful for experienced traders as well – and it’s good to have all levels of investors in the mix!

DecimlDeciml has become a popular choice among Gen Z investors because of how simple the app makes spare change investing, i.e., micro investing for you! You read that right. With Deciml, you can use the Round-Up feature to invest as little as ₹1! Yes – as little as ₹1 can be invested in mutual funds – so not having enough money to invest is no longer an excuse to not invest!

This app is all about habit-building. Get into the habit of investing regularly, and benefit from the miracle called compounding – that’s what is important.

Why it pops up in the top investment apps in india search – Well, we may be a bit biased, but we can tell you this – our Gen Z investors are loving Sprint (our trajectory dial that lets you see how much your investments will grow over time!) and have been happy to see their investments increasing slowly (and steadily) using Deciml’s Daily Deposits.

It is particularly helpful that automated investing is facilitated through the app – which means you just need to decide how much you want to invest daily, and Deciml does the rest for you. Also, the Wise Up feature is a credible and useful trove of insights on finance, fintech, and investing – especially for beginners.

ET Money – ET Money is a well-known investment app in India that offers investors several investment options, including mutual funds, stocks, and even gold. You get to decide what you want and can pick from a range of options depending on your financial plans. The budget tracker and tax calculator apps are particularly helpful for young investors who haven’t quite perfected the art of financial management (we see you!).

Why it pops up in the best investment apps for students search – There’s so much this app is offering investors – and it’s doing a good job at it. But one of the key features that are particularly attractive to young investors is the ET Money feature that offers personalized investment recommendations based on the user’s risk profile and investment goals.

This can be useful for beginners who are unsure about which investments to choose. The range of low-risk to high-risk options also exposes young investors to some investment options that they might want to explore as they diversify their financial portfolios.

Paytm Money – Paytm is popular enough that when you see the name, the voice in your head immediately goes “Paytm karo!” in that ad tune! This app has been on the block for a while, and as it stands today, it has become a staple in any investment apps for students list, offering a wide range of investment options, including mutual funds, stocks, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). A few clicks on your phone and you’re done with your KYC, have registered and can start investing.

Why it pops up in the small investment apps search – Firstly, Paytm offers zero-commission investing for mutual funds, making it an affordable option for youngsters who are just stepping into this world and have smaller amounts available for investing. It is also the best investment app in India when it comes to offering information to its users. Insights in the form of articles and videos are a popular way through which Paytm equips its users with validated information – and that’s always a win!

And there you have it – a list that can help you identify the best investment app in India – best suited for your financial plans. It is important to remember that most apps have a standard set of features. As an investor and app user, you need to identify the qualifying features that make a general investing app in India the best investing app in India for you!

To properly manage your money, it is important you identify your financial goals, research various investment options and look into a few more such lists before you pick the best investment app in India for your financial growth.

Only three simple steps left to take now – Pick. Click. Invest.

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