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What is Lock-In Period?

What is Lock-In Period? We advise you to enter the world of investing only if you are ‘committed’ to being in it for the long haul. Your ‘commitment’ to saving money is what will reap

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All About Rounding Up

All About Rounding Up Let’s not waste any time in starting this off with a simple question – is round up investing the right choice for you? We’ll break this down. Round up investing with

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Beginners’ Glossary Of Fintech Terms

Beginners’ Glossary Of Fintech Terms Pull out your notebooks – it’s straight back to school for your investing newbies – and class is in session! You’re fresh out of college and have started working at

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What Is SEBI?

What Is SEBI? SEBI – The Securities and Exchange Board of India. It may not sound like one of the most interesting topics out there, but we assure you — it is an extremely important

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Investing In Stocks: Time Vs. Timing

Investing In Stocks: Time Vs. Timing “I know exactly when the right time to trade in the stock market is.” “I guarantee you a risk-free investment, the market is so favorable right now.” “If you

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What’s A No-Risk Investment?

What’s A No-Risk Investment? Absolutely nothing. Nada. Zip. No-risk investments are not a reality. Investing inherently carries a risk, so when you hear the term no-risk investment, definitely have your guard up, because there is

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What is 256-bit encryption?

What is 256-bit encryption? “We value your privacy.” If you are a paying customer of even a single product or service, we are sure you have heard this phrase. But what exactly does it mean?

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Stock Market vs. Stock Exchange

Stock Market vs. Stock Exchange You have been hearing about the stock market and the stock exchange for years. But now you are old enough (no point denying it!) to know what these two terms

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