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Best Way to Invest Money - Understanding Micro Investing

School is history. College is done with. That brief awkward period between college and your first job is coming to an end.

First of all, welcome to the real world – it’s an exciting place! Now here’s what is going to happen. You are going to start earning money. And as soon as you get that first salary check, you need to think about your monetary plans in terms of two key actions – saving and investing. If you do it right, saving and investing can go hand-in-hand. So, we thought we’d tell you a little bit about what might be the where to invest money to get good returns, as soon as you start making it!

Young or first-time investors are often looking for an easy and affordable way to start investing – Micro investing might just be the answer to the question, “What is the best way to invest money? where should i invest my money?”

When you are just starting out, it might be difficult to start investing large amounts at a time. Whether it might be because of a bit of excessive splurging, or just paying bills – in the first few years of earning, the money seems to just vanish from the account. Which means investing large amounts of money is out of the question. So, the best way to invest in indiawould ideally eliminate the need to save up a significant amount first in order to start investing, right? Micro investing does exactly this. It removes this prerequisite of needing large sums of money to start your investing journey.

The best option to invest money- is to invest now – and that is exactly what you can do through micro-investing. It is the practice of investing small amounts of money on a regular basis. Micro investing has become a popular choice amongst millennial investors who are looking for the where to invest money in india for maximum returns in an easy and efficient manner.

Today, individuals can micro-invest through apps and websites with just a few clicks. Having apps like these allows young investors to start investing without any pressure while also cultivating the discipline to invest regularly (now where have you heard that before?).

But don’t believe us till you’ve seen the proof –

Micro investing is affordable – You can’t deem anything the how to invest money in india if it is burning a hole in your pocket! Many micro investment platforms allow users to start investing with just a few hundred rupees. In fact, with some apps (like Deciml!) you can even invest as little as ₹1 through its spare change Round Up feature. This makes it accessible to a wide range of people, including younger investors as well as those who may not have a lot of disposable income.

Micro investing allows diversification – “You mustn’t keep all your eggs in one basket.” A tremendous cliche thing to say, but the ultimate rule of investing! The best way to invest money can never entail being rigid in your investments. Of course, start slow, but micro investing does give investors the option to put their money (whatever amount it may be!) in a variety of assets. Investors can buy small amounts of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and other investment options as well.

Micro investing inculcates regularity – If you practice something enough, it can become a habit. This is exactly how micro investing works. So while there is no need to invest large amounts, the best way to invest money does require regular investing. (Psst… Deciml’s Daily Deposit is perfect for just this!). Investing in a routine manner ensures that over a period of time, even small sums of money can add up to become robust investments.

Micro investing operates on compounding – Ah! Compounding! Our favorite friend! When you start micro investing with the motivation to stay invested for long periods of time, you can unlock the full potential of compounding interest to gain maximum returns. Remember that the amount of money invested has little to do with the best way to invest money – it is about the tenure of your investment. The longer you stay invested – the more you’re likely to win! Thanks to the miracle of compounding, it means that not only is micro investing the best way to invest money, but it is also a useful tool for wealth generation.

Micro investing is a gateway – There are bigger commitments in your future! No doubt about that. But the world of investing is daunting. So, the best way to invest money must obviously be a comfortable space for newbie investors – and it is! Start small, find your footing, and give yourself the time to explore more investment options while you continue to make returns on amounts as small as ₹1! Many micro investing platforms and apps offer educational resources and tools to help investors learn about the best way to invest money by understanding different investment vehicles and strategies. (Have you checked out Wise Up on the Deciml app, BTW?)

Micro investing can have a social impact – Many micro investment platforms allow users to invest in socially responsible companies and causes. Young investors are passionate about social welfare and might want to invest in causes that are important to them. How awesome is it then that they can find a way to support their causes while earning a return on their investment toward them? What’s better than finding the easiest and best way to invest money while also doing your part? Thank you, micro investing!

Accessibility – Do you want to know the best way to invest money on the go? The answer continues to be micro investing. 🙂 Micro Investing in India is accessible to anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection. These platforms allow investors to explore their options and identify the best way to invest money that aligns with their goals. And of course – “There’s an app for that!” In fact, there are a number of micro investing apps that can help young investors get their induction into the world of investing. For instance, Deciml makes investing completely automated and allows users to invest with as little as ₹1. It facilitates easy and routine investing through a completely automated process.

It’s easy, routine investing in a completely automated process.

You can find a list of some more apps that might help you find the best way to invest money (for micro investing and otherwise!) here.

The bottom line is this. If you are even thinking about ‘the best way to invest money’ – you are already headed in the right direction.

Without a doubt, micro investing is one of the best investing options, especially if you are a first-time investor in your 20s (or are late to the game in your 30s!). But as a smart investor (who has potentially found the best way to invest money!), you have to remember that micro investing is a fantastic starting point in what is a larger journey (i.e., financial planning and wealth management). To start micro investing and reach a point where your money is working for you, you need to identify the best way to invest money that is most appropriately suited for your personal, professional, and financial goals. Making sound investment decisions that fuel those goals should be one part of a more holistic and well-rounded investment plan.

We’re leaving you here – at the starting point of your investment journey. Find out what the best way to invest money means for you, do your research, plan your investment budgets, and most importantly – start investing now!

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