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Investing with Spare Change: Exploring the Potential of Round-Up Apps for Young Investors

How many times do you spend money in a day, without even thinking about it?

Right from the morning coffee without which you’d be a zombie at work, to the impromptu birthday gift contribution for a colleague, to the cab ride on the way to hang out with friends – there are so many daily expenses you incur. Spending money is built into your day – no two ways about it.

But, what if every time you are spending money, you are also investing money? Sounds promising, doesn’t it? But how can you realistically invest with every spend? 

How about starting to invest your spare change?

What does it mean to invest spare change?

To invest spare change means investing as little as ₹1 using spare change savings apps or spare change investment apps. Millennials will back us up when we say that we’ve all tried to save a rupee here and there to save money for something important we wanted to spend on (it was usually video CDs, comics, games, shoes, or candy!). So there is some familiarity with saving spare change. Investing spare change is just doubling down on that effort! 

There are a number of investment apps out there that will allow you to invest your spare change on a daily basis, allowing you to build your investments even without a large capital investment. You can invest spare change into stocks, mutual funds, or even simple savings funds, depending on what your financial goals are.

How does spare change investing work through Round-Ups?

Apps like Deciml, employ something called Round-Ups to enable spare change investing. 

Very quickly – we’ll walk you through what this means.

Let us assume you are spending ₹121 on that morning coffee (the ‘zombie antidote’, as we like to call it). What Deciml will do is round off this spend to an even ₹130, wherein ₹9 gets invested on your behalf into your selected funds. Sounds too simple? Well, that’s because it is!

Round-Ups to invest spare change are an easy way to start investing small sums of money without having to make any extra effort to do so. You can simply go about your day, making your daily digital transactions, and rest assured that you are investing as you spend!

With the Deciml App, you can set a Round-Up limit of ₹10 or more (here’s what that means!) in two simple steps! All you have to do is set your limit, and enable auto-pay so you experience seamless investing on the go! You also have the option to pause and resume your Round-Up investing any time you want. 

Now that you know what it means to use round-ups to invest spare change, we can move on to a more important question!

What are the benefits of investing spare change?

There are several benefits of using round-ups to invest spare change. These benefits are applicable to all the best spare change investment apps out there, including Deciml – 

Easy Investing – If you opt to invest your spare change through any app, it really simplifies the investment process by automatically rounding up everyday transactions to the nearest rupee. This means that you don’t need to manually intervene to make the investment happen, the app simply accesses your spare change from your linked bank account and invests it for you with every transaction. Talk about effortless investing!

Regular Investing – We’ve said it a hundred times, and we’ll probably say it a few hundred times more – consistency is the key to investing. When you opt to invest spare change, you are actually in the process of building a good habit. And the spare change from everyday transactions accumulates over time, resulting in regular savings without requiring additional effort on your end. This consistent savings habit will ultimately help you build a financial cushion and work towards your financial goals.

Flexible Investing – Small amounts of money can have a lasting impact on your savings. Investing spare change through round-ups allows you to focus on investing small amounts that may seem negligible on their own. However, when these small amounts are invested consistently and over an extended period, they can grow significantly due to the power of compounding. Young investors can easily witness the impact of even modest savings on their wealth-creation journey because they have a longer investment horizon on their side.

Accessible Investing – It goes without saying that investing needs to be easily accessible. This rings especially true for young investors who want easy investing options in the palm of their hands (literally!). Platforms that allow you to invest spare change enable you to access professionally managed portfolios and benefit from the right investments that suit your risk tolerance and financial goals. The automation features and low barrier to entry are also key reasons why spare change investing is considered an accessible investment option for young investors.

Diversified Investing – Opting to invest spare change does not limit your options for diversification. Most apps will give you a number of investment options to choose from. For instance, with Deciml you can invest in Lendbox, or mutual funds, depending on your financial situation and goals. By investing spare change in diversified investment options, you can spread your risk across different asset classes with ease. And as you already know, diversification helps reduce the impact of market volatility on the overall portfolio and can potentially enhance returns over time – so it’s definitely a win that diversification can be attained even through spare change investments.

Targeted Investing – Set a goal, and start to invest spare change toward that goal. Goal-based investing is a great way to save money for important milestones. Many round-up investing platforms will allow you to set specific financial goals, such as saving for a down payment, retirement, or an emergency fund. By aligning investments with these goals, you can stay focused and motivated. You can also easily track your progress and monitor how your spare change contributions contribute to achieving your objectives.

Scalable Investing – If you invest spare change, it does not limit you to only this form of investing. You can leverage spare change investing to make bigger investments with accumulated amounts over time. Think of this kind of investing as something that can prepare you to make routine investments with bigger amounts of money. Since round-up investing platforms offer flexibility in adjusting investment amounts and strategies according to changing circumstances and financial goals. This scalability allows investors to adapt their investments to align with their evolving needs.

It is important to note that spare change round-up investing in India provides easy and convenient savings, fosters financial discipline, leverages the power of compounding (think long-term investments!), and offers diversification benefits. 

It ultimately empowers you to work towards your financial goals while simultaneously working on improving your financial literacy and providing an accessible entry point into the investment world. It eliminates the “I don’t have enough money to start investing” excuse to delay your investment journey. 

So, when are you starting to invest your spare change?


  • What is spare change investing?

It is a form of micro investing which allows you to invest your spare change into a number of different investment options.

  • What is Round-Up Investing with Deciml?

Let us assume you are spending ₹121 on a cup of coffee. Deciml will round off this spend to an even ₹130, wherein ₹9 gets invested on your behalf into your selected funds. This is Round-Up investing with Deciml.

  • How much money do I need to start investing?

With an app like Deciml, you can start investing as little as ₹10.

  • How often can I invest my spare change?

You can set up daily investments for your spare change; these can be automated so they require no intervention from your end!

  • What is the best spare change investment app in India?

While there are many options out there, we are partial to Deciml! 

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